Sunday, March 28, 2010

Killing an annoying warning

The most annoying warning ever has been haunting me for a while.

[javac] /home/razvanc/workspace7u6/razxml/src/razie/base/data/ warning: is Sun proprietary API and may be removed in a future release

I refuse to include and move around large unnecessary libraries to deal with XML and XPATH just because Sun considers themselves the center of the universe and their internal libraries somehow more important then mine. In short, they figured there should be no way to remove this warning, although, in this case, they copied code from apache into their own libraries.

Well, the solution is rather simple. Most likely everyone has specific XML wrappers. Just put them in their own project, disable the java/scala builders. Then, build it manually, create a jar file and check it in.

Then, in all the other projects, use this jar directly. Since the jar is already compiled, the annoying warning is no more.

See for instance my xml utilities, at

What's more, I don't actually use the XML stuff directly. I wrapped it all in pretty much one single class, using XPATH for access. It's simple, fast enough and makes for very simple code:

"/config/storage/host[@name='" + + "']/media/@localdir"

For all xml data access, you should limit yourself to the xpe/xpl/xpa methods described in an earlier post ( So, use something like this instead:


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